Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Please, someone help me.

I'm sick.

What possessed me to start THIS thing when I'm not finished with Pam?! Right now it looks like it belongs on the Christmas tree, but I have high hopes for it. I think I'll do a crochet collar, shell stitch or something, and make a little belt to match. The pattern doesn't offer a belt, and I think having the collar in the same texture as the belt will bring it all together nicely.

Pam is on the homeward stretch! But weaving in ends night after night (ad nauseum) doesn't make for an exciting photo shoot. Besides, I need to keep something a surprise for the big finale.

I briefly considered knitting another Pam with the cream yarn. But I'm afraid a double dose will leave me bored and "chasing the dragon." I don't think I'll have the same glee about this one again, and I'll always be comparing the versions. And when I noticed that I have the exact yarn the pattern specified, well, that made it a done deal.

So. There you have it.


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