Monday, October 30, 2006

. . .Will probably die tryin'

So yesterday I woke up and set about sewing on buttons, but it was quickly obvious that this was not going to happen. All of my tapestry needles were too large to fit through the button, and I didn't have a small enough crochet hook to improvise. So some errands were in order.

(Sidenote: I'm not caffeinated yet and those five lines took me FOREVER to type because of all the typos I had to go back and correct. I'm tempted not to correct them; it may be amusing to read)

Of course, with me, I can never go out and just get ONE THING. I have to nose around. I have to see the inventory of that entire store and adjacent stores. And after getting a call from my mother, angry that I didn't tell her about Daylight Savings Time and sitting in the church parking lot an hour before everyone else (I totally forgot at the last minute and I haven't found a church in my new town yet, I've kind of given up, in case you're part of the Church Police), I figured I really had time to nose around.

So I come out of Target (no purchases) and get back to the car and see a glove under my windshield wiper. Funny, I didn't bring in my gloves. . . Well, apparently one got loose when I got out of the car and some really sweet person stuck it on my windshield! Who does that these days? I was stupefied. Still am. I guess what goes around comes around. A few months back, at this same Target, I came upon a crowd of people gathered around someone having a seizure. The person was breathing fine and not actively convulsing and the paramedics were on their way, so I felt stupid to hang around and advertise myself as a physician (#1, seizures aren't really a surgery resident's specialty, and #2, what more could I do when the ambulances were coming?). Apparently I could do something--the woman was on her back, a BIG no-no (you can choke on your own tongue, or vomit and breathe it in, charming, I know) so I butted in and helped get the woman on her side. A long-winded story, but my point is (what is my point? Coffee, need more coffee) that what goes around comes around. A little karma, if you will.

After spending all morning browsing, I realized when I got back that I was totally under the gun and tried to seam the edging, but I miscounted. Given all I had yet to do yesterday, I put it aside. I won't sacrifice quality for speed. But at this rate, I'll still be working on it on my deathbed.


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