Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Right side of the neck with the cable decreases.

Left side of the neck with cable decreases. Can you see the pattern error???

My solution: avoid the (s)uckers altogether.

I wrangle past neckline issues and begin blocking on corkboard, only to discover it's really wonky. I had been considering marking lines on the corkboard, but was concerned about where the ink would end up, so I bought a fabric cutting board for more accurate blocking:

Wonkage remains.

I frog back to before the neckline split.

I refresh the yarn, having absolutely no idea how to do this, but someone else (?) mentioned on their blog that they did it, so at this point, why not????


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Laritza said...

For whatever blogger reason, your post is up there twice and it will not let leave comments on the last one!
Now: To refresh the yarn all you have to do is: skein it like you did but closer. Use a skein winder or a niddy noddy. The NN is easy to make with pvc pipe: Instructions on how to use one. Then get the skein off the NN and wet it, very wet. Spin water NO AGITATION and hang to dry. I guess I don't really see where the wonkiness is? unless one side is longer than the other? I'll take pictures of mine and post them on my blog. I am not done (knitting in the round, front and back at the same time) but the cable decreases look nice :) ....or at least I think so!


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