Thursday, September 14, 2006

Holy my Cow!

Laritza writes, "I see you are knitting the cable pullover in VK Fall 2006. I started the neck cable decreases and find that the CR dec is different from the CL dec. One crosses 2 stitches from the border, the other one AT the border. Any ideas? or is this the way it should be? "

Wow! This is the first time anyone has EVER solicited my knitting advice. Allow me to bask in the moment just a sec. . .

OK. Thank you, friend, for thinking I'm knowledgeable enough to consult. I noticed the same thing and have been meaning to post pix and get help (for the knitting, not me). Work in the lab, however, is coming out my ears and other body orifices, and my internet access at home seems to be questionable at best, so this has been delayed.

Bottom line, I haven't figured it out. I'm avoiding those CR(L)-dec 2s and improvising with simple decreases slanted right and left (slanting towards the neckline). I'm still decreasing the rows by 2 stitches (are these called dec-2 or dec-3? losing 2 stitches, but three are on the needle, how is the nomenclature?), and I've convinced myself that the simpler edge keeps the focus on the braid around the neck (which I haven't knitted, have you? how is it?).

Readers, let me speak on behalf of Laritza when I say that we will appreciate any input you may have! Thanks in advance!


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Laritza said...

I knit a swatch with both cables and yes! it is wrong. The CL dec 2 stitches says to start 6 stitches from the end. If you do this you end up with the cable crossing right at the edge. With the CR dec 2 it has you knit 2 stitches then cross. What I did was on the CL dec 2 started 8 stitches from the end. This way you have 2 edge stitches on each side, simetrical and nice. Hope this helps someone!


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