Thursday, August 31, 2006


My leather buttons arrived in the mail and I'm terribly disappointed. One, they are very light (in weight, not color). Aren't leather buttons supposed to have some weight, some heft to them? My mother has 1 or 2 such buttons left over from some overcoat from the seventies, and if I recall correctly, they felt heavier than mine (I've already called her to see if she might have six of them, but no). Two, they don't have a patina to them. Obviously, this comes from use, but I was hoping to buy some with that antique look. Three, I just don't think they were made very well. They are getting sent back.

While we are on the subject of the Pam sweater, I was at the mall running errands and browsed thru Eddie Bauer. They have a brown sweater there almost like my Pam! Same background stitch, same main cable pattern, cardigan, shawl collar. EB's has pockets and plastic buttons. And no cabling on the sleeves! What a rip-off. The clerk saw me eyeing it like a hawk and approached me, "Isn't that sweater just beautiful?!" I replied, "Funny, it is almost exactly like the one I just knit, only I put cables on the arms too and leather buttons." :o) I tried to find a pic of it from the EB website but was unsuccessful.

The back of the Teriokhin braid is finished and the front started! I'm thinking about eliminating a stitch from each strand of the neck braid to make it less bulky. What do you think?


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