Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Love/Hate, II

I was forced to use the lab camera yesterday. Never mind that the camera makes the color look like pus. It's actually a rich maize, and I chose it for a reason, which I'll explain later.

I love cabling!!! I'm actually getting excited for winter for once. I was so proud of myself until I noticed the mistake--Do you see it?

It's in the topmost pattern repeat, center cable. I crossed it backwards. I was faced with 2 options: One, frog back 16 rows (2 hours' knitting, yes I know I'm slow, but CSI was really good even if it was a rerun) to the mistake, or Two, drop 5 stitches down 16 rows and manage to re-knit the "filling" without leaving any "tracks." Cabling is great until you @$%* up. Then it's an absolute bitch to correct.

I opted for the former. Since then I've made it to the armhole bindoff.

So, the color choice was inspired by a sweater Gwyneth Paltrow wore in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Here's the pattern, from a Treasury of Rowan Knits.

G's is almost completely stockinette stitch, boxier, and with a zipper, though. The other commonality is the shawl collar this will have. Depending on my yarn supply at that point, I'm planning on making the collar more. . .voluminous? Is that the right word? Anyway it will be cozier than the pattern. I think leather buttons (or faux leather), the kind that look woven, might be nice.


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