Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Remember this gal? Well, here we go again! An initial sleeve proved too small (I was smug about substituting yarn and not swatching; I guess that sleeve WAS my swatch) and I re-knit it and its mate in the largest size, mostly on the flight home for the wedding. My mother asked me if the sunset on the flight was nice. I told her I had absolutely NO IDEA--I was knitting!

I cast on for the body in the car going to the airport for the return flight. The check-in line was e-frickin-normous and a half-hour's wait sped by in 2x2 ribbing in the round.

I was concerned I would be short on yarn until I tried it on--

Suits me just fine! Things went swimmingly until it was time to bind off for the armholes. Despite all my education and degrees, I learned I can't count. I also learned how much one stinking stitch can throw off the whole thing. Uh, yeah, I figured that out after about seven rows of knitting after I bound off. I was off-center. @&$*!!!!! Frog, frog, frog. At this point, I was near-meltdown after another busy weekend and I decided there was nothing a long nap and some double fudge brownie chocolate ice cream couldn't cure.

Refreshed post-nap, I got the armhole shaping done and decided to make the neckline a bit more decollete. But not before I saw I missed a pattern repeat in one of the ribs:

I bound off too soon on the neckline.

I'm so proud of myself for winging the neckline!!!! Despite being too short, the curve turned out really nice!


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