Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sleevie Wonder

I was ruminating on the new ribbed lace top and finally decided the sleeve I knitted was too small. By itself, it fits fine. But to do the whole garment in this size is likely to present problems, and since I don't like to complicate things by doing sleeves in one size and the body in another, I reknit the sleeve in the next biggest size. Instead of increasing to 94 stitches, I started out with that many. I also made the initial ribbed cuff only 1 inch high.

Tomorrow I'm flying home for my little cousin's wedding. I thought a good in-flight project would be this capelet/shawl from spring 06 Vogue, so I cast on for it tonight. It's a mobius cast-on, something I've never tried and never seen in books. Not a whole lot out there to confirm or correct my progress. NO SAFETY NET.

Is this right? I think so. . .

Love the colors. Unfortunately, the Mobius strip cast-on proved to be more than I can handle. Frog, frog, frog. I'll have to give Eunny a holler.

Maybe I should pack now.


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