Monday, April 24, 2006

What I learned

I made a pleasant discovery this weekend!

This, from Vogue's knitsimple, can be substituted with Omega Sinfonia, which costs over 50% less!

And this, from Vogueknitting, can be substituted with Red Heart Lustre Sheen! (I used this yarn for No. 4, which I just finished, too.) The gauges are identical, stitch for stitch, and row for row.

I realize this is bordering on sacrilege, substituting yarn that is recommended by Queen Vogue for cheaper yarn.....but I'm not going to pay that much. I think you can have beautiful handknitted garments, even with less expensive yarn. I'm not ruling out the "real" stuff altogether, because after all, you can't substitute every kind of yarn.


At 1:52 AM, Blogger Adriana said...

I am always substituting yarns, I make sure the metreage is correct, the gauge is virtually the same (give or take a couple of sts), and the needle size matches. Once I get all this information then I make my decision. I love Jo Sharp patterns but I am NOT paying up to $AU15 per ball.


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