Sunday, March 19, 2006

Match Day Results!!

Match Day for 4th year medical students around the country was March 17. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Match Day, a brief explanation---in their 4th year, medical students send out applications all over the country to residency programs they like, which they can then interview with, upon invitation only. This usually involves flying all over the country at the student's own expense (to about 12-15 interviews). At the end, students submit a "Rank List" with their favorite programs in order, and the programs also submit a "Rank List" of their favorite students, to a central computer site. A computer matches students to programs who ranked each other #1, etc. etc. until everyone is matched.

This is EXTREMELY stressful, because students have no final say in where they go. The computer program has the final say. There is no backing out, either. Everything is legally binding. So on Match Day, students find out if they matched at all, and where they matched, where they will be spending 3 to five years of their lives slaving away as a resident. Yes they get paid, minimally, and they work about 80 hours a week (the pay works out to less than minimum wage when you figure it per hour).

So, here are the results for the students who rotated through our lab (they all matched in surgical programs):

Stephen--Oregon Univ. Health Sciences, Portland, Oregon
Jenn--Medical Univ. South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Jason--University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
Courtney--Indiana Univ., Indaianpolis, IN

These are all great places.



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