Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Home Stretch

Last night I thought I reached the knitter's equivalent of the runner's wall. And then I rallied! I completed the back and one side of the neck in the front! Yaaaaaaay!

I was on a roll at this point and considered finishing it yet last night, but given that it was nearly 11 pm and the remainder consisted of mindless stockinette and counting decreases and rows, I decided against it. This is a dangerous combination for me. It's so easy to go on auto-pilot while knitting stockinette, which is a disaster if you also need to count things.

She was just as I left her this morning, and I got the other side of the neck done, and then realized I had to tink a little on the back. This is what happens when you substitute yarn and then forget to re-calculate how many stitches to bind off at the shoulders. I'm not too upset, this is no masterpiece. What started as an experiment with variegated (is this the right word?) yarn ends up as a salvageable garment. But I WON'T be wearing it to Morbidity & Mortality conference.

I became concerned that she wasn't quite long enough for me. After all, I'm 5'10" with a small but relatively long torso. So while I generally take a smaller size shirt, it tends to be a little short. So I threw on a crochet picot edge to buy a little length, only to discover over halfway through that the yarn did not match! Argh! (I'm a little worried that it took me THAT LONG to notice this.) Much weeping and gnashing of teeth! But I plowed through it, hoping that since it was at least similar in color, it might be OK once it was all done. . .


And now I've forgotten I need to eat supper. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight!


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