Sunday, March 26, 2006

Matrix Complete!

I do love a good hummos. Last night was Kitchen Gymnastics again. Along with the hummos, I made a pumpkin pie/pumpkin pudding. Well, my mother made the pie crust and I've saved it in my freezer. The "pudding" was leftover filling that I simply baked. Unfortunately, in my efforts to avoid egg yolks (they are anathema to me, even as a child I freaked out by the "yolk" in Cadbury eggs) I added too many whites (5) and not enough yolks (1, the recipe called for 4 whole eggs, gag). I figure I can camouflage it with a lot of whipped cream.

As for the hummos, I wing it. I had been following a recipe I found on the internet, but I've already modified it so many times that I didn't even get it out. I use canned chickpeas. I save the hassle of soaking them, plus when I get a craving, I can make it on the spot (I always have a can or six at hand). This time I added coriander, ginger, garam masala, chili powder, turmeric, salt, pepper, and cumin. Lots and lots of cumin. And then a little more. What a delicious spice. Especially the roasted seeds-oh, heaven!!

So, without further ado, here is Matrix in all her glory. The pattern is from Adriafil, a past winter issue. It's been the funnest thing I've knit so far (which isn't much). Knit in the round, with double strands of pale blue yarn (more of a sky blue, not quite so violet), no neck stitches to pick up. I was quite fearful that it might not fit. Between the decreases in between cables and the big 4-cable crossover, the waist is really cinched. I was so certain that it was too small, I conditionally (i.e., if I couldn't stretch it out in the blocking process) offered it to a coworker, who is so lithe and svelte. Sorry, M, it fits!

Let me count the ways I love this sweater.

Cables on the back, too...

And I ESPECIALLY love how the cables splay over my toosh. I don't have a remarkable one, but there is a narrow rangle of angles at which it looks attractive, if I do say so myself. And Matrix either extends that range of angles, or does something.... Ah, glory!

No, that is not a love handle. Those are stretch marks. In the sweater, not me.

Here is a close-up of the crossover. Guess what I'm wearing to work tomorrow!


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