Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No. 4

So this is my latest project. It's from the new knitting mag by Vogue, knitsimple, pattern number 4. I switched yarns (of course, do I ever use the yarn called for?) and it's knitting up with a self-striping effect. I love it. I can stay entertained for hours with the ever-changing colors! It's a good foil to all the mindless stockinette in this pattern.

With all the stripes, of course, the flowers and leaves don't mix. They will remain un-knit. A picot edge might be a good addition--if I knew how to knit such a thing. And as mind-numbing as this pattern is, I may just knit it again in a solid so I can put on the frills.

The yarn colors aren't photographing very well, but here, I'll give it another shot (he he)---

It's a bit crooked, I know--that's what happens when you pose it on your laptop.

Other than that, there isn't much going on in my knitting world. I'm preparing a manuscript of the research I presented in Washington, DC to submit to a high-calibre scientific journal, hopefully by the end of the week. I've never written up my research before. I've always been a visiting researcher (in France, when I made fluorescent glass, and at Duke, when I worked on developmental mice models of diabetes and glucose metabolism) so it was written up by other people in the labs. I've found that writing a scientific paper for journal publication is no easy task. So the stress level is relatively high, having never written one of these before, and hoping to have it accepted by this particular journal.

Plus there is a push to get it out. At the meeting, I was approached by another researcher who advised me to get this info published asap. Why? "Did the Japanese come around and take a lot of photos of your poster?" No. "Well, yesterday, they were taking a lot of pictures, as if they planned to copy the research, and someone complained to the coordinator, so maybe they were advised not to take photos. But you need to get this out before they do." Point taken. My sincere apologies if you took lots of photos, or are Japanese, no offense is meant, but with this kind of word on the streets, I'm going to get the research published asap. I'm not taking any chances.

Here's a photo of what the poster section looked like. This is only about 1/5 the size of the room. It was ginormous!


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