Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Up and Running

I'm baaaaack!

In a flash of grit and determination several weeks ago, I managed to get the entire front panel done on a Saturday .

I promptly started in on the sleeves.

They were a bit more slow-going. And they are still going, despite my valiant efforts to the contrary.

So, Jaws, what was the exciting news, you ask?


I know, I know--it's nothing terribly special, but it's my first legitimate foray into the world of natural fibers. I *did* buy a ball of Omega Sinfonia mercerized cotton once, and made a cheesy 1x1 rib scarf, but it doesn't really count. I bought enough to make the sweaters from the Spring and Summer IK magazines (sweater under the associated yarn). The rose/lavender is pretty true to color here, but the "peacock" looks like it's electric (otherwise true to color).

I started the "Aran Rose" sweater (the lavender one) but discovered I can't figure out the rice stitch. Purl through back loop? What the heck?!? It wasn't in any of my reference books, and I browsed Borders hoping to find something illuminating, but alas, Aran Rose was bypassed for something simpler but perhaps more exotic. Meet Henrietta.

I love the slits and panels at the bottom. They remind me of something medieval, but I can't put my finger on it.

It deviates from my MO in 2 respects:
1. No turtleneck. I think my entire winter wardrobe consists of turtleneck sweaters.
2. No cables. All of my projects except the No. 4 from Vogue's KnitSimple have had them. This one is just K and P, pure and simple.

3. (Yes, I know, I said 2 respects, but this is an afterthought) The slouch factor. Looser and more relaxed, yet refined (I think, at least).

More pictures soon. I obviously made it to Staples today.


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