Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mission: Impossible


Here's a list of some of the things I found:
-Carpenter sweater, still needing second sleeve seamed
-Another Rowan sweater, which I promptly frogged
-A small bag of beads and tapestry needle and MORE YARN!
-Original birth certificate (?)
-Christmas and birthday cards (for me, they are close)
(this is where it gets embarrassing)
-unoped mail from JANUARY
-invite to a memorial service to which I never RSVP'd (thanks for covering for me, Mom!!)
-radio remote (my legs work just fine, thank you)
-financial statements for various accounts from last year
-a chocolate stain that my mother (who made it) said cleaned up "just fine" (WE NEED TO TALK!)

The sweater frogging and yarn resulted in another cache of knitting supplies:

And all the paperwork landed on my desk:

Which leaves me feeling that all I did was shift piles of crap around the apartment.

I'm trying to convince myself that stashbusting-by-knitting is another form of cleaning.

So far, it's working. This isn't as much progress as I was hoping for, but after the first pattern repeat I realized that the sweater was knitting up to be too. . . stiff (no grinning!) so I frogged and switched from US 9s to US 10s. It now has a *lovely* drapey-ness to it! The best part? No shaping! No armscye shaping! No shaping in the arms! (which will require major pattern overhauling, as I ended up with Hadassah arms last time). The pattern, btw, is from IK W 2005-06, Aran Pullover by Kristin Nicholas. Using worsted-weight yarn from stash (originally bought for the ill-fated Knitting Olympics project).



At 5:02 AM, Blogger Adriana said...

You need a clean sofa upon which to knit... What a relief!


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