Saturday, June 10, 2006

Curl up and dye

That's actually the name of a salon.

But that's how I felt when I discovered this:

30.60 grams. That's all that remains after about 7 inches of knitting Henrietta. At that rate, I'll knit myself out of yarn. And I bought up the last of that dye lot (hence the significance of the homonym)! A quick trip to the LYS remedied that--I bought a dye lot differing only in the last number. I can't tell the difference, can you?? (My lab mates must have thought me odd to weigh my yarn in the lab, the only place I could find an accurate scale. Well, that's me, just odd.)

Uh, what's that? Uh, yeah. Great. I forgot the other purl row in there. Eight rows of tinking! Another reason to curl up and die.

Problem solved.

I started another project:

You can probably figure out what it is from this photo. If you know of any errata, give me a heads up! I love the color combinations of the yarn with the needles (purple = US3, green = US4). True to form, I substituted yarns and didn't swatch.

Will I make it???

Perfect! It has a little negative ease, which is how I prefer it. I prefer zero ease, perhaps slight positive ease, through the torso though. Hmmm, this may require some strategic undergarments. We shall see.


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