Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Everyone out there--I have many questions. Please reply with answers if you can!

1. I saw some Ebay yarn described as 10/1 and 11/1 cc. What the heck does this mean??

2. Is there any place online to buy Omega Sinfonia?

3. I'm really digging Eunny's knitting on finer gauge needles. What's the best book that encompasses finer gauge knitting? (I'm planning on buying Eunny's, but it doesn't release until Fall 2008! Argh!) Recently I bought Vintage Knitting, by Sarah Dallas with Yesterknits. Love it. Any other suggestions?

4. From reading some of Eunny's posts I gather that coned yarn has a sort of oily finish to it. Is that true? For all coned yarn?

These are the ones I can think of while here at work...
I hope someone out there can help me!
Thanks for the replys!


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