Friday, September 15, 2006

Letdown/Let Down

Well #$*@.

Why didn't I think of that? Laritza took the logical approach and just shifted things 2 stitches on the offending side. Rock on.

I was hoping a project of mainly stockinette stitch would be easy and calm(ing) (that I found the pattern in VogueKnitting should have clued me in otherwise, but I digress). I've been in the lab until nearly 1 am on several occasions this week (and every weekend for the last 4), so my brain was too fried to troubleshoot this neckline issue. I'm sorry I let you down, Laritza. Hopefully you can throw me a bone here.

I'm feeling a bit. . . inadequate that someone will actually be knitting the garment exactly as specified, and I'm not!! I feel like an artist painting a shoddy copy. My only snippet of solace is that the yarn color does not show cabling well, so the small neckline cable decreases probably wouldn't show up anyway.

Sure, that's it. Shut up. Don't say a word, this is the only thought that is keeping me from becoming a pile of snot and tears.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Laritza said...

Oh! don't feel bad about it! Last night after undoing the thing aka tinking for the fourth time I finally had the great idea of swatching! duho! You would think that after 40+ years of knitting I should have done that from starts. Now I am not knitting exactly as instructed :) I am knitting the body on the round no side seams. When it gets time to split front and back then I'll split. Then the sleeves will go on the round too :) I HATE seams. I like that pullover so much I can't wait to see if finished.


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