Monday, October 09, 2006

Lucky No. 13

Our hotel room is beautiful! I'm especially enjoying the window seats. Our room has other issues, however. . .

I met my roommate at the parking garage last night (she's a med student and pres of the surgery interest group) and got confused in the elevator: Did they put all the buttons for the even floor in one column and the odds in another? No, wait--there's 14 right above 11, that can't be right--and there's 12. . . Ohhhhhh. . . We're on the 13th floor! No button! Now I get it.

I guess this explains my near-mugging in broad daylight in a good part of the city yesterday. Don't worry, I'm safe, and I'm carrying my mace with me now (I didn't have it, it was on my car keys, and I didn't think I needed them). That sucker shoots up to 10 feet. Look out, people!

I guess this explains why my roommate broke her foot last night. Yep, that's right. We come to a strange town and she breaks her foot walking through a construction zone (with no beer in her system, ironic). She managed to hobble back to the hotel (we were already on our way) but it was pretty swollen already. We thought ice and elevation and Ibuprofen and a little sleep would take care of things, but this morning--no such luck. First spot I touched on examining her foot put her on the ceiling. We suspected the worst at this point. We ended up taking a cab to the convention center and sought the First Aid folks. There's nothing like needing a doc when you're in a room full of docs and you are one yourself.

They took one look at her foot and recommended she get to an ER.

So our morning was spent in the ER, and sure enough, she broke it (the 5th metatarsal, through-and-through, in case you care). As we would say to our students during morning rounds, "Strong work!!"

She's as fine as she can be, all vicodin-ed out on the bed, and I'm OK, so all is well. Just a few misadventures to re-tell now.

More later. . .


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