Saturday, November 04, 2006

odds & ends

10 things about me:
1. I have a birthmark shaped like a footprint. You will never see it.
2. I have been to the Dominican Republic 3 times--all of which were 2-week surgical mission trips to a privately (and Dominican)-run clinic.
3. I lived in Bordeaux, France for 3 months and did research on creating and characterizing fluorescent glass for fiber optics applications at a solid-state chemistry lab. I lived in a college dormitory and there were no other Americans around. I fulfilled the research requirement for my biochemistry major this way (no, it was not biochemistry-related at all).
4. I spoke French, not English, in my lab then. No one I met could recognize my accent--they all thought I was scandinavian, Dutch, or German. One person thought I was Greek (???)---helloooooo, blonde hair, green eyes, freckles? I have had a pen-pal in Nantes, France since I was 13. Sometimes, I still dream in French.
5. I think nearly all the male characters in movies look alike. Plot lines are kind of hard to follow, and I'm sure I annoy everyone with my questions.
6. I'm 5'10" and I've been told I have "knuckle-draggin'" arms.
7. I have no brothers or sisters, and my father died when I was 17.
8. I am right-handed but prefer the fork in my left hand.
9. I can put both feet behind my head at the same time. You will never see this, either.
10. I have a horrible temper, but most of the time I hide it well.

Favorites (this is the same list as the Survivor contestants, sorry, I'm a fan):
Colors: muted teals, black, chocolate brown
Scents: for perfumes--Chanel Mademoiselle, United Colors of Benetton Femme, Beyond Paradise, Eau d'Issey Miyake, Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily. for random smells--cut grass, coffee percolating, my mother.
Flowers: orchids (I collect!), white calla lillies, lily-flowering tulips (pointier petals)
Board Games: Monopoly, Parcheesi
Video Games: don't play them
Sports to Play: As a child I took figure skating lessons. I took up tennis in high school and was a runner (6 mi every other day) until surgery residency.
Sports Teams: Duke Blue Devils Basketball! I've been a fan since the days of Bobby Hurley, Christian Laettner, Tony Lang, and Grant Hill. I have all but one of Coach K's books (it's no longer in print, but I've read it-- A Season is a Lifetime).
Outdoor Activities: just strolling these days
TV Shows: Survivor, NCIS, Numb3rs, This Old House, Mystery! (are these last two even on-air anymore?)
Movies: Man On Fire, Memoirs of a Geisha, Indochine, Great Expectations, Ray, Girl, Interrupted, Ponette
Actors: Johnny Depp
Actresses: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoire Thivisol
Music: Anything by the Eagles, Eric Clapton, U2, or Diana Krall. LOVE John Mayer's Continuum (was never a fan before). Chopin or Beethoven classical piano.
Mags: InStyle
Books/Authors: Oddly, oriented towards Judaica (this from a goy). Chaim Potok--My Name is Asher Lev. Elizabeth Wurtzel--Prozac Nation and More, Now, Again. Elie Wiesel--The Night Trilogy (I read it before Oprah popularized it!). The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods--it's totally legit and really scientific.
Cereals: oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves. homemade granola.
Fruits: apples, pears, honeydew
Snacks: vanilla yogurt, rosemary and olive oil Triscuits, black pepper potato chips, mint chocolate chip ice cream. As a rule, I don't buy manufactured cookies or pastries (everything is fake and they are loaded with bad fats).
Cookies: homemade chocolate chip, no nuts!
Candy Bars: Reeses, Butterfinger, Snickers, Dove dark chocolate, and the Dove truffle eggs at Eastertime.
Alcoholics: not a huge fan of the taste. Fell in love with pastis (51) in France. Never cared for the wine, although I do cook with white.
Non-alcoholics: Perrier water (they had it in the dorm's vending machines in France!), coffee with cardamom, espresso
and my own addition--3 things always in the fridge: yogurt, olives, onions.


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