Saturday, January 06, 2007

Relief and Resignation

Welp. As you can see, the art nouveau border idea bit the dust. In my effort to pre-emptively pack for moving (when? where? who knows. . .) I stumbled across an entire skein of the yarn. I guess I miscounted how many I had burned through. The new extra skein, plus the discovery of Fleur being waaaaaaay too short and flippy in the back took me to the drawing board once again. I decided to go for the recommended ribbed border. It just wasn't worth it to try and fight it.
I *did* add a few stitches. The recommended edging was 9 stitches and this is 20. And NO BEADS. No way. I'm not putting THAT much work into this thing.
It puckers along the sharp part of the curve (under my ba-zoom) but I think I can live with it.

The beautiful thing is, once I seamed the border on, the flippy thing in the back went away! It's pure magic, I tell you! I hate seaming, but this week, seaming became my new best friend.

I'm still not looking forward to tucking in all the ends.

Again, sorry for the blurry pix. I tried. When you don't have someone available to help with the photo shoot, you improvise. In this case, it included a hand mirror as well as the door mirror to get the job done. I was practically sea-sick by the end of it. Where's the Dramamine?!?!?


Well. Now the color of the font will likely change. I should have added all the bells and whistles (like colored fonts) once the entry was all packaged up.

So I read Kristina's post about running 100 miles before 01/04/07 literally before I walked out the door to our complex's gym, which, by the way, I've visited 4 times this week (yes, hell has indeed frozen over). I used to run 6 miles every other day (4th year of med school is ridiculously light, even for a gunner such as I who packed in more electives than she should have). And then all of a sudden I had to graduate, research and buy a car (I had never had one at that point), and apartment shop in Texas, and move to TX, and start residency. So of course running fell to the wayside. I managed to stay buff and toned and lithe in residency thanks to slow elevators--I distinctly remember taking 8 flights of stairs by 2s and 3s to take care of a patient whose heart rate had dropped into the 20's. (In case you were wondering, it turned out the guy was having seizures. When you're 70 and Indian and don't speak Engish, it takes a while to figure it out. The funny thing was, his nephew, a neurologist, was never happy with how the team managed his uncle, but even HE didn't know the man was having seizures.)

I was hooked on running and had even started to prepare for a marathon and had all these books about running. Now that I'm FINALLY scheduled for MMA surgery, the prospect of getting a decent night's sleep and getting my life back has me so excited, excited enough to do a mini self-makeover (the surgery will take care of the face and the sleep, why not do something about the rest of me?). Excited enough to eliminate the pudge I've accumulated in the lab and eventually run again. Excited enough to go to the gym.

I've been doing the elliptical thing. I like the no-trauma-to-the-knees thing now that I'm approaching 30 (but I will run again, don't worry). Problem is, my stride is bigger than the machine allows. It bugs me every time. I was on it for 30 minutes and gung-ho about clocking 100 miles by 01/04/07 in my own special way (not running-- too intensive, too early)--and then I saw the display doesn't record mileage! What kind of exercise machine doesn't record the distance you've covered? Good grief, even the stair climber lists flights climbed. WTF???

So I moved to the treadmill and did 2 miles on top of what I already did. I'm guessing I got about 4 for the day.


At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Kristina said...

The sweater came out great! Very flattering on you.

Congrats on getting to the gym so much. Quite impressive. And that is on top of the walking to work and home everyday, right? See, if you do (and I can't recall if I am right on this) 3 miles a day just in walking to work and home, you will be far exceeding those 100 miles. That got me thinking that until this past fall, I was (on top of work out runnning) walking 1.5-3 miles every single day. No wonder I am so smushy now. I am almost completely sedentary. I did do 4.5 miles of walking this week without thinking about it, but that is nothing compared to what I used to do. I need to get moving!

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Jaws said...

Thanks! I'm liking the finished product. But there is WAAAAAY too much seaming on this littly ditty. I will wear it, but I don't think I would knit it again, or recommend anyone else knit it.


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