Monday, December 18, 2006

weekend photo essay

wrapping gifts and fashioning bows. . .

Documenting the appearance of Aunt Mem's gifts, so she knows how pretty they were before the mailman smushed them. . .The scarf is getting revamped. I don't like the drape to it. More on that later.

Note to self: round cookie tins are impossible to wrap.

And because I just don't have enough drama in my life, I've decided the apartment is too small and I must G.T.F.O. So I'm packing.

Fleur marches along. . .I may run out of yarn before I can do the finishing. In the event of the worst case scenario, I'm lining up color options for the borders/edgings. I have a camel riding skirt I'd like to wear it with. I'd also like to wear it with my heather grey skirt. I've ruled out black, heathered tan, or grey (not one of them can be worn with both skirts). I'm leaning towards purple, navy, or a fern green (like in the scarf on the couch in the above photo, that is also nearly the mallard/peacock color of Fleur you see, and I think the combo is great). My first choice is the fern, because I can get the most flexibility with that color combo, what do you guys think???

Moth update: Good news: I haven't seen the sucker (you may substitute the first consonant there if you wish) since I bought mothballs. Bad news: the mothball scent has overtaken my piney, Christmasy air freshener scent. Can it harm people in large doses?


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