Thursday, December 07, 2006

City by the Bay

I had to make a half-impromptu, half-inevitable trip to San Francisco, which explains the recent silence in Sharkville.

I stayed with my mother's cousin Boots and her husband Bob, an artiste, who live in the *heart* of SF. Boots is a character. You have to be, with a nickname like that, worn with the conviction as if it were the name on her birth certificate.

The household motto is:

Here's what Boots has been up to.

Boots and Bob live 2 blocks away from Robin Williams. Yes, THE R.W. Here I am stalking RW as I walk the dog. (I did NOT let Perky make a deposit there.)

Here's the back:

Here's the front:

Woops, they left the door open!

And a half-finished brontosaurus topiary on the side:

The requisite shot--three blocks from their house.


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