Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Kristina and I are orchestrating a Knit-along! We plowed through patterns like Simon goes through American Idol contestants. What kills us is that designers don't show the garments well in the photoshoots. What a concept, right?

We both had our specifications. She--doesn't do turtlenecks (that is my entire winter wardrobe). I--love texture and shaping and a little extravagance. I--need something still simple enough to work on in my vicodin-enhanced post-op state and something that I already have yarn for. I guess I'm the picky one in the relationship!

We've officially decided on a pattern, but I'm not saying anything just yet. There is still business on our end of things to take care of.

Here's another item of business: How well does acrylic yarn block? Lara is nearly complete, but as always, the garment is short through the waist. Such is life [sigh].


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous jess said...

acrylic sorta kinda blocks ... nothing like wool though. Julie (http://www.withahook.com/blog/) blocks acrylic semi-regularly -- look for her column of leaves scarves -- it's a knit lace pattern that she worked in acrylic yarn and she details her blocking process for it.

Can't wait to see what pattern you and Kristina picked to knit along!


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